Application Information for Camp Attitude 2018


Hello and welcome to our Application page! We are so excited that you are wanting to join us this summer for a week of camp! We understand there is a lot to look over before applying so please follow the 5 easy steps below to help aid in this process. You can also contact our office with questions by emailing or by calling/texting 541.401.1052.



  • Step 1: What is Camp Attitude’s Summer Camp Program?

    There is a lot that goes into our camps each year. Please click here to be directed to our webpage with that information.

  • Step 2: Do you qualify? ADMISSION PROCESS

    This is one of our most Frequently asked questions, please review our Admissions Policy below to find out if your family qualifies for our program!


    Effective 10/7/2016

    Camp Attitude’s mission is to provide a traditional summer camp experience for children (and their families) who are unable to attend a typical camp due to more involved special needs. The following policies guide the admissions process for Camp Attitude:

    1. A child’s eligibility to attend Camp Attitude is based on the honor system. We do not ask families for verification of medical status. Campers are accepted on a provisional basis for their first year of attendance at Camp Attitude. The opportunity to attend in future years will be at the discretion of the camp director(s) or assignee with input from staff. The severity of each camper’s needs, ability to attend a traditional summer camp, family situation, and financial status should all be taken into consideration for this purpose.
    2. Due to limited space and high demand, Camp Attitude is not able to serve everyone who wants to come each summer. Our priority is to welcome as many new families to camp as possible each year. In order to achieve this goal, the following registration priority will apply:
      1. First time campers and families.
      2. Returning campers and families who have only attended Camp Attitude in one previous year.
      3. Returning campers and families who applied previously but did not get accepted due to space constraints. The priority within this tier will be based on the number of years it has been since the family last attended (i.e. a family who was not accepted two years in a row takes priority over a family who has only been turned away once).
      4. All remaining spots will be filled using a random lottery system
    3. The application window for the following summer will open and close on specific dates each year. Late applications will not be accepted. The process of registering and assigning families to specific camp weeks (based on priorities defined above) will not begin until after the application window has closed.
    4. Each camp family is allowed to bring two adults and all siblings living in the same household as the special needs camper(s). Families may bring an additional person to support a camper’s medical needs only if approved in advance by the camp director(s).
    5. The registration fee for camp families is nonrefundable. Under circumstances of extreme financial hardship, a scholarship can be considered at the discretion of the camp director(s) or assignee.
  • Step 3: What week would be best for you?

    -Depending on the ages and needs of our campers, our programming varies from the High School and Adult week to the High School and Younger weeks. Our criteria for our adult week is that the camper must be 15 years or older with older siblings. For our younger weeks, the camper must be 3-14 years old.
    -On the application, you will be asked to choose your top 3 weeks for which your family would want to attend camp. Please look at the following dates to see what you would prefer.


  • Step 4: How Does the Registration Process work

    Our registration process is open from January 7th – February 17th for Summer 2018.
    You will need to fill out and application and complete all the steps to be considered for acceptance. Once you have completed those steps, we will hold your application until after the closing date. We will then review and send out a status email based on our Admission’s Policy listed above.

    Things to know before applying:
    1) There is a $20 per person registration fee. If this is a hardship for your family, please contact our office to discuss scholarship options.
    2) Our camp is designed as a family camp. Due to the high demand of applications, we ask that you register only 2 adults and siblings currently living at home with the camper.
    3) Any applicant’s 18 and over will be required to complete a background check.
    4) You can fill out up to 6 people on the application. If you need to register more than 6 people, fill out 6 people on one form and complete payment. Then, go back and open another form and finish filling out the rest of the applicant’s.

  • Step 5: Registration Coming Soon for 2018