A Gift in your Honor has been given to - #1jpgChristmas Certificate: A Gift in Your Honor

It is that amazing time of year, Christmas… and Christmas is the season of giving.  As it gets colder outside, and we consume more hot chocolate, our hearts are warmed by people going above and beyond to find that perfect something for that special someone.

As you start planning gift ideas for those special loved ones, you might find people who seem to have everything they need.  When you can’t seem to think of a gift….would you consider a donation to camp, made in their honor?  It would truly be a gift that keeps on giving!!!

You can donate to Camp Attitude and receive a custom certificate to be mailed to your loved one. Simply designate your gift as a “Christmas Gift” and list the name of those who you are honoring.

CLICK HERE to make a donation.A Gift in your Honor has been given to

The certificate will be created at the time of your donation when given online or a check is received. The certificate will be emailed to you and also mailed to the honoree.

Thank you for generously sharing and caring this holiday season, Merry Christmas!

Please email anthony@campattitude.com for more information, thanks!