From I-5, take exit 228 OR-34. Head east on Hwy 34 towards Lebanon. Continue east on Hwy 34 to Hwy 20. Turn Right (east) through Lebanon and Sweet Home. When you see Foster Lake on your left, just outside of Sweet Home, you are approximately 3 ½ miles away. Stay on Hwy 20 until you reach mile-post 36. You will see Camp Attitude on your left. Please pull into the camp’s second driveway, and immediately turn left to drive across the front of the property towards the first entrance gate.

Destination Address:
45829 South Santiam Hwy
Foster, OR 97345

Items you will want to bring are:
– Bedding: sleeping bag, blankets, pillow.
– Flashlight
– Clothes for one week. Be prepared for rain and cool weather. It’s Oregon! You will get one camp T-shirt for free. Others will be available to purchase. (This t-shirt will be required for a group picture during the week). Our laundry facilities are limited so its use is restricted to cleaning bedding accidents.
– Water shoes for the lake and water activities.
– Money for items from the “Smiley Shack” and coffee shop.
– Paper, pen, and journal – you will want to record your memories.
– Good shoes — you will be doing a lot of walking.
– Sunscreen & Sunglasses
– Toothbrush/Toothpaste
– Bath soap and shower needs; towels
– Beach/River Towels
– Lake and River Toys – lifejackets are not required, but you may bring them
– Swimsuit-women/girls: we ask that this be a modest swimsuit, preferably a one-piece. If your swimsuit is not appropriate we will ask you to put a t-shirt on.
– Costumes—Parent dinner and laser tag costumes.
Optional gear:
– Floats for lake play, Water guns—for activity time only
– Camera or Binoculars
– Laptop—there is wireless internet available near the Smiley Shack
– A good book, board games, or cards
– Guitar or musical instruments—remember the Thursday Night Talent Show!
– Nut free snacks

We are a “Peanut/Nut Free” campus. Our staff will not supply any type of peanuts or nuts in the cafeteria or the Smiley Shack.

We will provide special diet meals for those who are gluten-free based on medical requirements only. If you or your child will not want to eat what is on the menu, you will have a small refrigerator and a microwave in your cabin to store and make simple meals you can bring from home or purchase in nearby Sweet Home.

Our Food Service Manager would like to make sure he/she has a notice of all food allergies (NOT food dislikes) on file. If any member of your family unit has food allergies, please email a list to

Our cabins and yurts are filled with bunk beds that are specifically designed to be easily accessible for wheelchairs. Every bed has a covered memory foam mattress on it. You will need to bring your own sleeping bags and pillows. The camp provides quilts for every child to use while at camp, as the nights tend to get cold. The quilts must be returned at the end of your camp week.

It is important to note that our camps for the summer are VERY full, with about 30 families at each camp. This means that almost every family will be sharing one side of a cabin with another family and up to 15 people will be sharing one bathroom (although the public restroom is always available as well). Please know that as a registration staff, we have done everything in our power to match the families up according to common ages, interests, and connections. Be sure to pack accordingly. Bring appropriate pajamas, reading lights, earplugs, etc.

We will have an afternoon that we spend boating, jet skiing, and tubing at Foster Lake (about 5 miles from camp). There is also a swimming area at the lake where the kids can play while waiting for rides. Some families prefer to bring their own life jackets and water toys, but we do provide life jackets for riding in the boats. We suggest you bring modest bathing suits, sunscreen, water shoes, water toys and beach towels for these activities. We also have some hot weather games planned that will require the use of water guns; if you would like to participate please bring your own water guns! Due to costs, camp will not be providing these this summer.

Monday evening we will be enjoying laser tag games and it is always fun to see families in costumes. Bring your favorite Halloween costumes and come prepared to have a great time!

Our theme for the Parent’s Dinner this year is going to be….. TBA. You can make it even more fun by coming dressed up for Parent Dinner! We always look forward to this special night to honor the parents and caregivers who continue to give so much of their lives and their time for their wonderful children!

The typical weather at camp during the summer is 70-90 degrees during the day and around 45-50 degrees at night. June and the first part of July can sometimes be cooler and rainy. Plan to dress in layers and check to see if a raincoat may be needed for your week. Sweatshirts will be available for purchase at our camp store, the Smiley Shack, throughout the week.

***For Week 1 Only: On Wednesday evening, while the parents are having an awesome parent dinner, the campers, siblings, and buddies will be experiencing our summer Prom! It’s going to be a night like no other!

Each summer we are proud to present the best show around, our Annual Thursday Night Talent Show featuring your children. Start to think of something your child is good at and plan to bring a musical instrument, props, costume or anything else needed to help him or her enjoy their time in the “spotlight”.

We also have an “OPEN CAMPUS” on Thursday nights. This means that if you would like to invite friends or family to come have dinner and view the talent show or see the campus then this is the time to do that. We require that you let the office know how many people are coming and if they will be here for dinner. They are required to sign in at the Smiley Shack and get their official pass for the evening. They cannot be on campus otherwise. The evening usually starts with dinner around 5 and can run until 10pm. We do not allow visitors to spend the night on campus.

We realize that some of our families might need internet access for work and other important happenings in life. Our internet available is wireless only and not reliable or fast. The more people on it the slower it can get. While this is not a constant occurrence, we do recommend that if you are in need of steady internet that you bring a hotspot or other external device to hook up to. If this is not a good option for you then we suggest going into town (about 7 mins away) to the Starbucks in Safeway or Spoleto’s and using their internet.