1. What is the cost?
    – There is no cost for camp. We have always had a registration fee. We have this to offset the cost for all the background checks and processing of registrations etc. We would prefer not to do this but it is paramount for us to run these background checks to ensure the safety of all our children and families when they come to camp over the summer.
  2. Who needs to fill out a background check?
    – All overnight campers and volunteers 18 years and older. We do this for absolutely all staff and everyone who is on campus to ensure the safety of our campers and camper families.
  3. Is there a store on site?
    – Yes, we have a store with snack food, camp apparel, and other items. You can bring cash or card to pay with at the store.
  4. What if I can’t afford the registration fee?
    – Please contact our office to discuss this.
  5. What is your criteria for acceptance?
    – Camp Attitude’s mission is to provide a traditional summer camp experience for children (and their families) who are unable to attend a typical camp due to more involved special needs.
  6. What do each of the shirt colors mean?
    – The yellow shirts are our Buddies. They come and spend a week being paired with our campers and younger siblings for the week.
    – The teal shirts are our Servant Team. They come and spend a week helping clean our facilities, run activities, help in the kitchen and meal prep, and more.
    – Our gray shirts are our Kitchen Team. They work hard to provide us with the most amazing meals!
    – Our red shirts are a combination of 3 different teams. Our CORE team is a group of high school aged students who spend 4-8 weeks helping run our various activities. Our College Team is a group of college aged students who are specifically overseeing a certain area and are helping a staff member run it. Lastly, we have a team of adult staff who spend months preparing and planning a specific area of camp.It takes many amazing people to run our program! Interested in helping? Check out our volunteer tab for more information.
  7. Who needs to attend camp with my camper?
    – A legal guardian 18 and over must attend the camp with the camper. However, our camp is designed for the family. This includes two adults and any siblings living in the household.
  8. Can I have more than one camper?
    – Yes, when you register your family please indicate any special needs campers in your family. This helps us determine who should be paired with a buddy. If you do not identify your child as a camper they will NOT be getting a buddy for their week of camp.
  9. What do buddies do?
    – The buddies are paired up, usually one on one, with the special needs camper(s) and their younger sibling(s). They will spend the week participating in the various activities with their camper.
  10. What kind of activities are available?
    – Please click here to view our various activities and a sample schedule.
  11. Are there activities for the adults?
    – Yes, we have various adult activities during the week. However, we always recommend bringing books, games, or other things to do while there.
  12. What are the sleeping accommodations?
    – Please click here to view our sleeping accommodations.
  13. Can I bring my RV/trailer?
    – Yes, we do have this option available however, we have limited spots so please indicate this option on your application along with the size of your trailer for planning purposes.
  14. Can I bring my dog?
    – NO, only certified service dogs are allowed on campus. We serve many medically fragile children and your dog may make them very ill. If you arrive with your dog we may have to send you home.
  15. What are your food accommodations?
    – We are not able to accommodate all food issues like we would prefer to however, we do our best to provide a gluten-free option because we have a large population of children with this issue. We provide a microwave and small refridgerator in each cabin for you so that you can accommodate you own food needs. Please click here to view our food information.Contact us if you have any questions BEFORE ARRIVAL.
  16. How long is a week of camp?
    – Check in is on Sunday afternoon, check out is on Friday mid morning.
  17. Are your buildings air conditioned?
    – None of our buildings have AC. We recommend bringing fans or a small window unit if needed.
  18. What should I bring to camp?
    – Please click here to view our packing list.
  19. If I am flying into Oregon, what airports would you recommend?
    – Eugene Airport is only a 45 min drive from camp. However, Portland Airport (PDX) is the main airport most people travel to/from and is about 1.30 mins from camp.
  20. What Time is Check In/Check Out?
    – Check-in: Registration at camp starts on Sunday at 2:30 pm and will go until 5:00 pm. You and your family are welcome to arrive any time during these hours. Dinner will be served at 5:30, so make sure you allow time for your family to get settled in. No one will be available for early registration.
    Check-out: Check out time will be on Friday at approximately 11:00 am. If you are flying out of PDX it takes about 2 ½ hours driving to get from camp to the airport, so plan your flight schedules according.