Christmas is here! . . . . are you looking for that perfect gift for the person that has EVERYTHING?  Why not give them the gift of a donated item to the greatest summer camp around.  You could give camp a wagon, so a buddy could give a camper a ride around camp.  OR, fishing bait so  several campers could enjoy fishing or better yet, donate a weeks worth of fish.  Another great idea would be to donate a week of milk so the campers could have cold cereal in the morning.  Or how about a new tent for the buddies to sleep in during the week. Maybe your son enjoys playing basketball, so you want to donate a basketball to camp in his name; well that’s possible too.  Below we have a lot of great ideas for you to choose from.  This year instead of just adding to the stuff you already have, give a new item to camp and donate it in a loved ones name.

Fishing: power bait, 1 Fish net, polywog nets, or money for fish
Horses: new support seats or helmets or helmet spray
Crafts: scrapbook supplies, legos,  water beads, 12×12 x3plastic bins
Food: money for beef, milk or produce
Lake day: boat tubes, kayak life jackets, waterproof walkie talkie’s or gas
Activities: basketball, squirt guns, chalk, board games,  or wagon,
Office: paper or stamps, a new printer
Buddies: a new tent, air mattresses, sponsor a week of camp
Campers:Sponsor a week of camp
Sound: new mic, iPad or iPad stand,
Grounds: hoses, solar lights, solar walkway lights, light bulbs
Summer Volunteers: Used Trailers for them to stay in while volunteering for the season
Staff House: Sheet sets (Queen, Full, and Twin)


 Don’t forget to purchase through the amazon Smile program when possible. 😉

You can either make arrangements to donate the actual item or donate money to cover that item.

One Time Donation

Thank you!


Donate Monthly