How will my sponsorship help a child?

“I cannot tell you what the scholarship funds mean to our family,   – Parent (Summer 2019)

“Camp is the best week of my life.   – Camper (Summer 2017)

How to Sponser a Camper
The life of a family with a child that has special needs is challenging in many ways, not the least of which is financially. Most families have to cover a lot of medical supplies and treatment “out of pocket” because insurance does not cover all aspects of care. For them a “family vacation” is nothing more than a dream. The board of directors of Camp Attitude is committed to keeping camp free or all families with special needs kids. Every dollar donated to us goes toward funding campers unless otherwise stated.

  • $125 sponsors a child for ONE week of camp!
  • $500 will allow an entire family to enjoy a fun-filled week at Camp Attitude.

To Sponsor a child for summer camp, click on the sponsor button below.

You may also mail your check to:
Camp Attitude
P O Box 207
Foster, Or 97321

For more information about our Sponsorship Fund, please email us at