Summer 2021 Team Outreach Opportunities

Serious FunAll of our Summer Staff is voluntary and raise their own support for this mission outreach to the special needs campers and their families- for whom the camp is entirely free.

Sponsorships sent directly for campers are applied to cover the costs of the campers and not the staff. The support raised by staff members covers all their own food, housing, activities, and a camp T-shirt. Funds purposed to support a specific staff member can be earmarked in their name when sent by check or Paypal through the camp website.

Please send all volunteer payments to:
Camp Attitude
Attention: Volunteer Registration
PO Box 207, Foster, OR  97345

Core/College Team 1—4 weeks, Age 15-23, Operational Staff for the Facility and Program cost: $250(May apply for 2 terms=8 weeks)

Buddy – 1-2 weeks, Completed 8th grade – 21, Mentor to a Special Needs Camper or Sibling, cost: $135

Servant Team – 1 week, managing facilities and cleaning, cost: individual/$135, married couple/$250, family/$300

Kitchen – 1-8 weeks depending on position, age 16 and up, Head Cook, Prep Cooks, Spare Hands, Dishwashers, cost: $135 per week

Photography/Video – 1-4 weeks, photographers and video masters, cost $135 per week

Medical Staff – 1 week or more if available. Doctor or Registered Nurse who can volunteer their time to oversee our med-station for the week as support to families for children with disabilities. Our program is overseen by an amazing ER nurse and terrific local doctor that have volunteer their time. Please contact or call 541-401-1052 for clarification of specific responsibilities.

Worship Leaders, Inspirational Speakers, or Performance Groups – per availability to come minister.

Horses – The camp has a volunteer family that has run our adaptive horse program since it has began. We currently have a corral, a wheelchair ramp for loading riders, adaptive saddles and tack, an area to ride, and many handicap accessible paved woodland trails. We are always in need of upgrades to the equipment and facilities for this wonderful program so if you have an interest or would like to volunteer some time, please contact us.

Show and Tell – Individuals or Groups, with fun activities for the campers, who are willing to schedule a visit. We are always looking for new activities for the families/kids. If you have something to share please do not hesitate to contact us!(I.E. Clown, Magician, Dog Trainer, Face Painter, Train Town, Square Dancers, Car Show, or a Performance Team).