We are THRILLED that you have prayed about being a volunteer with us this summer! It takes a small army to run a week of camp successfully.  Thank you!

Please carefully read the following information before you fill out the application. 

  1. Only one (1) application per person. If you are having problems with your application please email us registration@campattitude.com. The information will then be corrected or added to the form.
  2. There is a required deposit for each volunteer position (see application for amount). This fee is person. Please contact us if this is a hardship for your family to discuss options.
  3. Each volunteer position has a different application so please use the website to find the correct application.
  4. You will need to finish payment at the end of the current application if you are going to switch over to a different application. If not, click “Continue Shopping” to fill out a secondary application for that position
  5. In the past we have allowed campers to come as “Campers” one week and “Servants” another week.  This will be allowed only on a case by case basis only.
  6. Volunteer registration is open from January 13th-June 11th. After your application has been completely processed your application will be held for review. You will be contacted as soon as possible after your application is reviewed.
  7. Please have the following information gathered before you click the link below as you can only complete one application and it is time sensitive once you begin:
  • Names and birthdates of all you are requesting to attend camp in your family unit.
  • Names and phone numbers for two (2) Emergency Contacts.  These must be individuals that will not be attending camp with you.
  • Names and phone numbers for the doctor of each person attending.
  • Allergies, medications currently taking, surgeries and medical procedures in the past 12 months for each person attending.

NOTE:  All Adults (18 and over) will have a background check.  During the application process, you will receive a “secure link” to the company that we have hired to do a thorough check.  All information is confidential and secure.

If you have questions or concerns please email registration@campattitude.com or call our office at 541.401.1052.



You, as a Christian leader will be held to a high standard of conduct and attitude. You are the “leaders” during camp. You will be expected to be respectful and considerate of others at all times.

These rules are intended for all Buddies, CORE, and ALL Volunteers, whether you are at camp one day or all week.

A criminal back ground check will be done by staff on ALL volunteers at camp.


  • Alcohol is not allowed on Camp property at ANY TIME. This is a non-negotiable rule. If alcohol is found, or we suspect use, it reason for immediate expulsion.
  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas ONLY, and in a manner that does not compromise our witness to campers.


  • Because Camp Attitude does a host of fun, outdoor, wet, and wild activities, we feel there should be a dress code for all to follow. We do a lot of water sports with the campers and their families and want to set Godly examples for them and guests.
  • For women, please wear a ONE piece, modest bathing suitModest “Tankinees” are also OK. No tank tops over a skimpy two piece bathing suit are allowed. Staff will ask you to cover up if your suit is inappropriate.
  • We expect all females to be dressed in a modest way. No low cut shirts, or short shorts are allowed.
  • When we are on campus please wear your camp T-shirt.
  • Guys: no underwear will be showing above your shorts. No baggy jeans or oversize shorts.


  • Promptness to meal time is essential to maintain the quality of food. We eat all meals cafeteria style. The dinner bell will ring & all campers & volunteers should come to the dining area where we start with a short prayer before the meal begins. We do not eat until all are present.
  • All volunteers are expected to attend all general sessions and participate in them. This will help set the “tone” for our campers.
  • All volunteers in Camp on Sunday morning must attend worship service.


  • The camp has several vehicles (ATV’s, Golf Carts, Mowers and Maintenance Equipment). ONLY volunteers trained in their use are authorized to use these vehicles during camp. NO EXEPTIONS
  • Youth under 16 years of age will NOT operate ATV’s. (State Law)
  • Camp vehicles are not for “joy rides” they are required for daily operation of the camp. Youth volunteers may be required to ride with a trained operator in the performance of camp duties. Caution should be taken at all times.


  • Please report any injury or sickness as soon as possible to the designated camp nurse.
  • In case of emergency call 911
  • No matter how small the injury, please make sure that buddies know to report them to the nurse.


  • Shaving cream, toothpaste and water balloon fights are not permitted in any of the buildings.
  • Candles are not allowed in any rooms unless prior approval is granted.
  • All furniture and other building equipment must remain in their respective rooms.


  • Cell phones may not be used during the week. They can be used for emergency calls only.