Medical Team Information Sheet

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read more about our Medical team position! Below we have more in-depth information about what this position entails, what we expect from you, and general details about your week. After reading through this, if you have an additional questions please contact our office by email,, or phone, 541.367.3420.

We look for to seeing you this summer!

What is Medical Team?

Being a part of the Camp Attitude medical team is a great honor and experience. This is an all-volunteer team that works together to assist the camp in providing a safe and fun environment for ALL. Our campers have various disabilities and/or special needs.

No medical specialty area is required, however, having a comfort level in working with a pediatric population will help. There is a fully stocked nurses station and living quarters for the nurse and their family if present.

What is the ministry purpose behind this role?

At Camp Attitude our motto is to have the “same attitude as that of Christ Jesus”-Philippians 2:5. Our goal for every volunteer who comes and serves with us is to walk fully in Christ’s love towards others. A big way we live this out during the week is by simple service and love. The fact that individuals and families would take a week out of their schedule and pay to clean bathrooms or hang out with special needs child(ren) blows people away! Christ’s love for ALL people is countercultural to ways of this world and when people get a real encounter with his love they are forever changed. That’s why we can guarantee that if you experience a week at Camp Attitude you will be changed, because Christ’s love provokes change. In the midst of this you will also get to know the lives of a special needs family. That in and of itself is a privilege and really opens your eyes into a whole other world. It’s so powerful that many volunteers go on to work in the field of medicine or a career relating to the special needs community.

Do I need any experience?

Yes, you need to be certified with a medical license in order to serve in the position.

Where will I sleep?

We have a separate building that is home to our Nurse’s station. In that station is a sleeping facility with a bunk bed, a queen bed, and a full futon.

What if there is an emergency?

Any medical staff along with our CORE team and Adult Staff will be carrying around radios. In case of an emergency you will be contacted via walkie to assist. You will be wearing a one of a kind orange shirt with a symbol on the back indicating to everyone that you are our apart of our medical staff. Adult staff and CORE students will be wearing red shirts at all times so they will be easily identified by everyone.

What does a typical week look like?

Saturday evening is volunteer check in so that evening is spent getting settled and meeting with your group leader for the week. Sunday we have church service and then from 1-4 pm is camper check in. Then Monday morning we will jump into a fun filled day of activities! Tuesday is our Lake Day so we will be spending most of that day down at the lake. Wednesday and Thursday are similar to Monday with more activities and Thursday evening we have our famous Talent Show. Friday the families check out at 11 am and then all volunteers will participate on cleaning the camp for next week’s session.

As our medical staff you will be serving as needed so we would also like for you to relax and enjoy some time off! We wish that you and your family would participate in the many activities we have available. We realize how demanding a medical career can be and we thank you for all you do and for thinking about spending a week with us!

Can you accommodation food allergies/intolerance?

Our kitchen will accommodate nut allergies as well as provide other options for gluten and dairy allergies. For any other food related accommodations please contact our office to discuss your situation.

Do you accommodate food lifestyle choices, diets, or dislikes?

No, our kitchen staff work hard to provide meals for our camps which is no easy task! If you are one of these people please consider bringing snacks or items to pair along with meals. Please note we are a PEANUT FREE FACILITY. You will have access to a fridge, microwave, and toaster oven.

When is check in for Volunteers?

All volunteers check in on the Saturday evening before their serving session.

What time is check out on Friday?

This is usually determined by how fast we get camp cleaned up but not always. We ask that medical staff members say and help clean the Nurse’s station on Friday but this will ultimately depend on your specific situation.

Why do I have to pay?

A big part of our ministry is being able to provide a free week of camp to all our camper families! Having a special needs child can sometimes mean a lot of medical expenses. Thus, to help provide a relaxing and fun week of camp, we offer the program for free. By making a donation as a volunteer, you help cover the expenses for a family to attend.

What if I can’t afford it?

Please consider fundraising or sending out support. You can also contact your youth leader or our offices to discuss other options.

Is there a store on campus?

Yes! Our Smiley Shack is the hottest place around for all your sweet treat needs, Camp Attitude apparel, and more! For anything else there is a Safeway 10 mins offsite and a Walmart 20 mins offsite. Please note that while you are serving as a buddy or CORE at camp that you will not be able to leave during the week.


-In the past we have allowed campers to come as “Campers” one week and “Servants” another week.  This will be allowed only on a case by case basis.

-A criminal back ground check will be done by staff on ALL volunteers 18 and over at camp.

-Camp Attitude operates under a Statement of Faith, please review below or under our Mission and Vision tab under our About Us section on the website.